Public Relations
Michael H. Sahn Esq.,
Founding Partner, Sahn Ward & Baker PLLC

Shari has had a significant impact on the development and growth of our firm. As a result of her thoughtful and eloquent media approach, Sahn Ward & Baker appears regularly in the New York Times, Newsday, real estate trade magazines and local business media. I am often approached by clients and colleagues who compliment our media presence and admire the quality and professionalism of our public relations representation.

Shari's philosophy that public relations works as a process, not as an event, has been proven true time and time again. Shari also works with us on all of the marketing and outreach methods we use, and her counsel continues to be invaluable.

Michael H. Sahn, Esq.
Founding Partner, Sahn Ward & Baker PLLC

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